We seek and find talent!

At EZKAR we want to boost the talent of all types of professional profiles and/or find the person who best represents your brand. We understand that talent is the value people bring to companies and which makes them grow in worth and quality. It is why we leverage our expertise and proven method to provide the following services:


We help you in the search for the most suitable candidate to cover the profile required by the client. We strive to ensure the adaptation of candidates’ personal and professional needs to the company’s values, philosophy and work method.

We analyse professional and personal capabilities: motivation, career ambitions, leadership qualities, readiness, ability to work under pressure, analysis of specific variables such as sales compatibility (for sales rep jobs) or compatibility with decision-making and leadership skills (for executive positions).


Brand management is all about analysing, planning and strategizing the workflows directly related to the brand of a company or professional and studying how it is perceived by the market and the target audience in particular.

A brand is more than a logo: it speaks to the history of a company or person, their passion for the job, credibility and individuality. In other words, it conveys an image that must tie in with the company or individual’s core identity and the way they want it to be seen.

EZKAR can help you define a brand strategy that fits your objectives while upholding your core identity and values as a company and/or professional, drafting a brand strategy or corporate or brand identity.