Private security planning and management

Private security planning and management



Business activities intrinsically involve a series of risks that can seriously compromise a company. In the current geopolitical situation, many organisations are potential victims of highly organised criminal groups.

All companies and organisations therefore need to provide themselves with the right security tools so they can carry on their business without risks or threats, or at least reduce them as far as possible.

The security that companies and organisations need today is defined in a total, holistic and integrated approach. 

The concept of security involves all aspects of the business. That includes facilities, staff, contingency plans to continue production in an emergency, the corporate web space, different kinds of activities, expertise, business plans and corporate image.

It is essential to implement a security plan to protect an enterprise or organisation’s core assets from external and internal threats and risks.

EZKAR CONSULTING offers the following services for businesses and organisations:

  • Security analysis and diagnosis.
  • Tailored comprehensive security plans and support in their implementation.

  •  ‘In-house’ security manager.