Innovation and business development

Innovation and business development


Innovation is our trademark

At Ezkar Consulting we believe business success is posited on the capacity of companies and organisations to adapt to change and market needs and that innovation is one of the main tools for integration.

Competition in different industries is growing and the market is increasingly demanding, requiring businesses to have products with a well-defined differential value and the latest groundbreaking digital marketing strategies.

That’s why at EZKAR we want to help you power this change with our specialised services:

  • Innovation strategy focused on the value proposition: analysing possible business strategies (internal changes, partnerships, geographical expansion, etc.) to deliver on market challenges. This includes identifying business opportunities by analysing new markets.

  • Business and personal brand development plan: we advise you on developing your business brand and your personal brand as a professional expert. We also help you define your brand manual and support you in negotiating with management bodies, advising on advertising campaigns, contracts with influencers, social media and online reputation.

  • Sales improvement plan: we support you in developing all the sales activities you need so your sales team can post excellent results, while reducing turnover and improving talent retention. In other words, we leverage productivity and training (techniques and skills for negotiation and closing sales) for your sales force.

  • Digital marketing plan: we draft your strategy, including new product launches and branding, the choice of advertising and promotional campaigns,  monitoring of market developments and the implementation of pricing policies. We help you define how, when and where consumers will reach you and the channels they will use, optimising your investment in each and achieving synergies that build on each other.