The financial crisis and changes to the production model demonstrated the weakness of Spain’s education system and highlighted the need for businesses to transform and recruit new professional profiles. 

They also emphasised the value of the continuous training that businesses provide to foster the skills their employees pick up through experience in the workplace. 

Training acquired in-company is extremely valuable and is cemented in knowing how to respond to the new challenges that businesses face every day and keeping knowledge up to date. 

Training and the certification of skillsets acquired in in the workplace are crucial for personal and collective achievement and essential for locking in the sustainable success of a business. 

Our strength as a company lies in knowing and understanding these needs and helping enterprises design the following projects:

  • Employee and job skills assessment programmes. 

  • Career guidance programmes for people-based organisations. 

  •  Training and skills accreditation and certification plans. 

  • Tailored projects to meet companies’ needs. 

These are intended to enhance employee motivation and satisfaction and optimise compliance, generating results for businesses and improving productivity through organisational efficiency, talent management and professional development.